About My Work

While the still life is my most recurrent subject, it has been said that I turn everything that I paint into a still life. My work has been described as "mysterious narratives...with common objects playing unusual roles, offering tales of strange journeys". My pictorial scenes have been described as land/seascapes of voids and emptiness, the buildings and interiors as surreal. Regenerative themes such as water, gardens, plants and fruit have been my most recent preoccupation. I like to combine bold flat shapes with rounded forms as the cubists did. Color, used provocatively and sensually, is my great joy. I see my work as most often contemplative and quite often playful.
The majority of my work is transparent watercolor on paper. The unusual richness of my work is achieved through glazing, or layering the paint. Some of my work is created using oil or acrylic on canvas, wood, or paper.



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